Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is string art?
Great question! String art is a new spin on old art.  It's simple, really.  Find a pattern or picture you like and you hammer nails around the outline.  Wrap string around it to make oh-so-pretty artwork for your home. Now, it sounds simple but there are a few tricks and secrets we can help you with to make it as easy as pie!  Your instructor will have dozens of string colors to make it completely unique.  It takes a lot of supplies and we have them all for you - easy peasy!

I am NOT crafty, artsy or good at coloring in the lines.  Can I do this?
YES!  Anyone can create awesome string art with the right directions and guidance.  We find most people steer clear of trying it because it requires a lot of prep work.  We did all the prep for you so if you can follow directions, you're good to go!

Tell me everything I need to know about a workshop...
1. Choose a date and your three patterns for your workshop by sending us an email.
2. We will set up an unique workshop registration link and send you a confirmation email to spread the word.  
3. You must have a minimum of 5 paid guests (weeknights) or 8 paid guests (weekend) at your workshop.  
4. If you have 10 or more paid guests, your workshop fee is refunded!  
5. Each guest registers and pays online prior to the workshop (most workshops are $40 a person with no additional fees).  
6. At the workshop, everyone chooses their design that day.  Then, we create the artwork from start to finish with full assistance from an instructor.  
7. Sorry, kids under 6 are not allowed at workshops or in the studio.

I want to host a birthday party for my child!  Give me the details.
Children's workshops are a great way to do a crafty party!  We suggest ages 8 and up for any workshop, unless there is parent supervision.  We offer pre-nailed boards (great for younger children) for $20 each and nail-yourself boards (ages 10 and up) for $15 each.  We require a minimum of 5 guests.  Pattern options are a 6x6 butterfly, star, heart, baseball or football and a 3x10 arrow.  Workshops include full instruction, unlimited string colors and all the supplies necessary.  Email us to reserve your date!

I want to host a Sips & Strings Workshop. Where are you located?
Our Des Moines workshops are located at our studio inside Mainframe Studios - 900 Keo Way #427, Des Moines.  Omaha workshops can be hosted anywhere!  Work, church, your backyard, your garage - wherever!  We provide lapboards so don't worry about table space (although, a table is recommended for easy hammering).  As long as your guests can sit down, you're all set.

I want to host a workshop at my bar, restaurant, store or business!  How do I do that?
We'd love that.  We can create a special design, especially for your workshop, too.  Email us and we'll make it happen.

How long do the Sips & Strings workshops last?
Most Sips & Strings™ workshops are about 2-3 hours in length.  We will start and end on time so we suggest your guests arrive 10 minutes early so we have plenty of time to create.

Is the workshop loud?
YES!  We are hammering nails for at least 30 minutes so it can be very noisy. You could wear earplugs to help soften the noise level.  If you are renting a space, make sure you check about the noise with the location first.

I want some string art but not one of the designs you have on your site.  Can you do custom work?
Um, yes please!  We love custom orders.  Shoot us an email at with your ideas and we'll send you back a quote.

My kids like this kind of stuff - can they attend the workshops?
Of course!  We offer children's workshops and birthday parties. We recommend this activity for ages 8 and up. Some of our events are for adults only so make sure you look before you register! No small children at any workshop, please.

How do I make my string art look as awesome as The Knotty Nail's art?
Practice, my dear!  Come to lots and lots of workshops. The great thing about using string is if you don't like the look, you can undo it and do it again!

UGH! I messed up my design! Will you help me?
We would love to help you!  At a Sips & Strings™ Workshop, your instructor will help you if you make a mistake.  If you purchase a DIY kit, take your time because any mistakes have to be fixed by you. 

I want to feature The Knotty Nail on my blog, my social media page or my media outlet. Who do I contact?
Send an email to Becky at for all media inquiries.

Do you sell your products wholesale?
Yes!  Send us an email and we'll get you set up.

I want to open The Knotty Nail in my hometown! Can I get more info?
We are working on this! Please send serious inquires to