October 12 - Herbal Soap Making Workshop!

October 12 - Herbal Soap Making Workshop!


Herbal Soaps from Scratch
October 12 at 10:00am
232 5th Street, WDM

Explore the art and science of making handcrafted soap from scratch with Ann Staudt of Siberian Soap Co.! Using the centuries-old cold-process soapmaking technique, students will combine plant-based oils and lye to create soaps that are mild, moisturizing, and eco-friendly. This workshop is very hands-on, with each participant making and taking home 1 pound of their own custom batch of herbal handcrafted soap.  Long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are required of all participants. Please bring an old towel or blanket to insulate your finished soap. Open to ages 16+; younger students must have advance permission from instructor.

Instructor Bio
Ann Staudt is the founder and chief soap formulator behind Siberian Soap Co., based in Ames, Iowa.  A scientist by training (chemical/environmental engineering), she is passionate about crafting all natural, herbal, eco-friendly products from scratch. She loves making the science accessible to all through her hands-on, interactive workshops, having taught hundreds of students across the state of Iowa!  Soapmaking provides a wonderfully creative outlet that combines Staudt’s interests in science, art, and living a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle. Staudt was born and raised an Iowa farm girl, and is proud to say that soapmaking goes back four generations in her family (along with an all-around DIY spirit).  Learn more at www.siberiansoap.com or @SiberianSoap on social media.

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