Book a Sips & Strings™ Workshop!

Book a Sips & Strings™ Workshop!

from 40.00

Each guest will receive a 12x12 walnut stained board, pattern of their choice and all supplies necessary.

Ready to book your Sips & Strings™ Workshop?

1. Email your desired dates to
2. Once your date is confirmed, purchase your Sips & Strings™ Workshop here.
3. Wait for your email from The Knotty Nail - this has all your details and will have your exclusive workshop registration (which will be loaded on this page, too!).
4. Spread the word! Use the language in your email to set up a Facebook event or sent an email to your friends!
5. All events must have 8 registered guests or your order will be refunded 48 hours before your workshop.
6. 10 or more paid guests (not including you) and your workshop fee is refunded!

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